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Speaking from the Heart: 7 Essential Communication Tips for Couples

Communication is one of the biggest downfalls of otherwise healthy relationships. For the benefit of your relationship, check out these communication tips. Numerous studies have identified poor communication as the leading cause for breaking up. These 7 communication tips will improve your relationship. Poor communication is a major reason why people seek couples therapy. It’s… Read More »

UPDATE: Pharmacy board votes against moving CBD oil plant from Bristol Mall property – WCYB

BRISTOL, Va.–The Virginia Board of Pharmacy grants a license for a regional medicinal marijuana processing facility in Bristol but denies efforts to relocate it to a different site in the city. Tuesday, the board of pharmacy meeting in Richmond granted Dharma Pharmaceuticals a conditional license to build a CBD oil processing plant and dispensary. Dharma’s… Read More »

Stopping cancer from recruiting immune system double agents

Cancerous tumors trick myeloid cells, an important part of the immune system, into perceiving them as a damaged part of the body; the tumors actually put myeloid cells to work helping them grow and metastasize (spread). A research team co-led by scientists at Rush University Medical Center have discovered a potential therapy that can disrupt… Read More »